Registered Teams | Women's Invitational

Skipper / Crew / Abled Body

Karen Atkinson / Lin Wei-Lei / Pam Michaels (AB)
Julia Dorsett / Anne Price / Deb Frankel (AB)
Cindy Walker / Barbara Bielinski / Karin Sherman (AB)
Christina Luca / Katherine Kern / Angela Nesbitt (AB)
Joanne Stead / Pat Brust / Alix Hahn (AB)
Jayne Betts / Lynn Fornander / Jess Turner (AB)

Registered Teams | Open Regatta
Skipper / Crew / Abled Body

Duane Smith / Donoray Bickham / John Feldtmose
Pauline Dowell / Jodi Munden / Kay Van Valkenburgh
Jason Wallenstein / Sherry Tyler / Gregor Ozialas
Jason Williams / Johnny Vacca / Eliot Taft
Jayne Betts / Fredi Guaraca / Paul Betts
Duane Farrar / Barbara Bielinski / Sol Marini
Antonio Sanpere / David Flaherty / Lucian Leone
Shan McAdoo / Maureen McKinnon / Kathy Whitehair
Karen Atkinson / Rebecca Miller / Pam Washington
Dawn Hart / Lin Wei-Lee / Pam Michaels
Matt Chao / Nina Kagan / Bud Heerde
Juilia Dorsett / Cindy Walker / Deb Frankel
Lawrence Carlin / Kris Scheppe / Spencer Raggio
Christina Luca / Victor Pena / David Florence
Tilghman Logan / Matikow / Philip Logan
Ted King / Jim Scott / Paul Labossiere / Carroll Wetzel
JoAnn Stead / Vazquez / Paul Labossiere / Carrol Wetzzel
Jim Hahn / Garcia/Baez / Walter Florio
William Fontanez / Katherine Kern / Leo Gaskell
Rusty Sergeant / Romon / Peter Sergeant
Colin Smith / Gary Rosenkranz / Robie Pierce / Matt Lowe

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Able Bodied Team Members Each boat will be crewed by two sailors with disabilities and one able bodied sailor (AB). The AB will assist in an action/activity that the sailors cannot do, must be able to take command of the boat in an emergency situation and must be able to move about the cramped cockpit of an Ideal 18 safely. Participants may bring their own AB or an AB will be provided by the Organizing Authority upon request.

Boats/Adaptations The Organizing Authority will provide adapted Ideal 18’s for fleet racing. The competitor is responsible for a refundable boat damage deposit of $500.  Adaptations will be made to each boat reflecting each sailor’s disability per the Notice of Race. Other adaptations may be permitted by the Organizing Authority – such as alternative tiller extensions, suction hand holds, but no extra purchase systems may be added nor any holes drilled into any of the borrowed boats. The additional adaptations must be approved by the Organizing Authority and adaptations should not increase the advantage over other competitors.

Skippers shall belong to their National Governing body. All disabled sailors are eligible to compete and the organizing Authority encourages people with any manner of disability to participate. Note, you do not have to have a US Sailing certified disability to participate. 

Entry Fee The Robie Pierce Women's Invitational is free of charge.  The entry fee for the Robie Pierce One-Design Regatta is $150 per sailor. This fee includes racing costs, Ideal 18 charter, all breakfasts and lunches, dinners, beverages and snacks and the awards ceremony. Full boat entry fee is due at time of registration. There is a $75 per AB brought as part of a team. 

Equipment Each sailor shall provide their own PFD, and the competitors shall arrive equipped with at least one VHF radio per boat.

Regatta Facilities 

  • Ideal 18's and sails with no additional charter fee 
  • Individual guest charge accounts can be set up and billed to credit cards
  • Borrowed Boat Insurance provided by the Organizing Authority
  • Adaptations for Ideal 18's
  • Race Committee and Protest Committee; Sailing Instructions; NOR
  • Adequate safety boats on water
  • Accessible toilets and wash-up area for the competitors
  • Volunteers to assist sailors getting on/off boats at the dock and to rig/de-rig
  • Breakfast and lunch Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Dinners Friday and Saturday with an award ceremony on Sunday
  • Adequate accessible parking

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